Driveway Cleaning

Dirt, grime, and mold can quickly build up on your driveway and sidewalks. Our special blend of cleaners and powerful equipment is able to blast through years of buildup. With years of experience and training our specialized technicians offer a flexible and professional experience, guaranteed to bring the results your looking for.

Power Washing is Great for…

  • ✔ Driveways
  • ✔ Decks
  • ✔ Patios
  • ✔ Concrete
  • ✔ Brick
  • ✔ Sidewalks

House Washing

Turn your house back into a home by utilizing our specialized pressure washing technicians. Our technicians at 864 are trained and experienced to provide a professional, comfortable, and safe experience. We use a blend of safe cleaners to wash away years of dirt, grime, and mold from your home. High water pressure can be too harsh and damage your homes siding. Which is why we use a soft washing technique with soft brush that removes dirt and grime and renews your homes appearance.

Types of surfaces we can clean:

  • ✔ Concrete
  • ✔ Brick
  • ✔ Vinyl
  • ✔ Wood
  • ✔ Stone


Q: How often should I get my house cleaned?

The industry standard is at least once a year.  Cleaning your siding once a year helps prevent growth from deteriorating and rotting the siding on your house.

Q: How long will it take?

We can generally soft wash and power wash a two story house in a few hours.

Q: Will it harm my house

Our soft wash house cleaning will not harm the siding of your house.  This is because soft washing uses low pressure water and cleaner to clean the siding  of your home instead of high pressure.